KFOURY Development was established in 2000 by Wissam Kfoury.

We are operational in both the Gulf and Lebanon, with offices located in Mar Chaaya, Broumana. Our expertise encompasses the home development fundamentals of clean-cut construction, engineering, contracting and refined consultations. Precision in both execution and development act as the infrastructures of our success.


We maintain a high and personalized quality of work to uphold a tradition of excellence and inventive thinking. Our mission is to keep a clear and comprehensive strategy that elaborates the possibilities of innovation and tactful home development.



“The new perspective to an old problem.”


“Vision needs the tools of man to become concrete.”

  • Assess the project-specific documents
  • Contract documents include drawings
  • Renovations
  • Project manual
  • Construction manager
  • Site surveying
  • Providing all of the material, labor, equipment
  • Hiring specialized subcontracts
  • Building permits
  • Providing temporary utilities
  • Managing personnel on site
  • On site security
  • Engineering
  • Disposing or recycling of construction waste
  • Monitoring schedules
  • Cash flows
  • Maintaining accurate records.


“Analytical and strategical precision are essential for perfection.”

  • Building services engineering
  • Technical engineering
  • Building engineering
  • Structural engineering
  • Electrical engineering
  • Construction engineering


“An idea is only as good as its execution.”

Construction and Building:

  • Planning work hours
  • Material storage
  • Quality control
  • Initial layout
  • Site access
  • Construction monitoring
  • Quality standards


  • Project punch-out
  • Substantial completion
  • Final inspection
  • Certificate of Occupancy
  • Commissioning
  • Final documentation
  • Final completion


Bhersaf Hills

Bhersaf HILLS is a residential compound located in the beautiful town of Bhersaf, Mount Lebanon, just fifteen minutes away from Nahr El Mot Highway. The compound consists of three buildings which fully embrace the traditional ambiance of the town with red-tiled rooftops and the ingenuity of modern-day architecture.

The twenty-four spacious apartments vary in size and shape, from:
• Grand duplexes,
• Mezzanines apartments,
• To ground-level apartments connected to the colourful gardens.



Floor plans


Private Residence - Interior Design


Floor plans


Baabdat 77 is situated on a prime piece of land in Baabdat Mount Lebanon, and comprises 2 residential buildings.

Project Baabdat77 includes:
Two buildings :Bloc A & Bloc B.
Bloc A includes:
-Three floors(GF , 2nd F & 3rd F)each apartment 180sqm.
-One floor(first basement)with 200m2 garden.
-One 180sqm penthouse with a terrace on the 4th floor.

Bloc B includes:
-Three floors divided into two apartment(GF , 2nd F & 3rd F)each apartment 170sqm.
-One floor divided into two apartments with 140sqm garden each.
-Two 170sqm penthouse each with a terrace on the 4th floor .

Each resident has access to:
-One storage room in the first basement; in addition to a shared room that includes building services (such as water tanks ,fuel oil etc…).
- Two parkings


Floor plans


KD902 includes:
- Three standard floors, divided into two 200sqm appartments each.
- Two ground-floor appartments each with a 300sqm garden.
- One 400sqm penthouse with a terrace on the fourth floor.


Floor plans

OB 844

OB 844 is a high end residential project of 3 blocs with residences tailored to your Highest standards

•Bloc A & B: containing 8 apartments each (duplexes w/ gardens and private pools , Simplex Apartments , Duplex Apartments with Terrace and outdoor Jacuzzis).
•Bloc C: Containing 2 residences with a private entrance for each. (One duplex apartment with a private pool and garden, and one triplex apartment with terrace).

Each resident has access to:
-One storage room in the first basement; in addition to a shared room that includes building services (such as water tanks ,fuel oil etc…).
- Two parkings.

For more information contact us on info@kfourydevelopment.com or on 04963798 or 71 19 20 21



Private Residence - Interior design.

Floor plans